In or garden area, we have planted five of our name sake Sao trees and a wide variety of Mai flowers for guests to enjoy. Our Sao trees will one day grow to over 30 meters in height.

Open Air Dining and Open View Kitchen

In our open air dining area, we serve a daily breakfast, eggs or fruit with Vietnamese or western style coffee or tea is served to all guests without extra charge. Family style dinners are also provided by pre-arrangement.

Our open view kitchen allows guests to watch as food is prepared.

Our Dock

We have our dock and arriving by boat or being picked up by boat for a tour adds tp the atmosphere of your stay.

Art work

Guests can also enjoy the large stump carvings in our eating area stump carving is a traditionel Vietnamese art and each carving is uvigue because the carving must be tailored to the shape of the stump. Carvings typically depict mythological animals particularly the eagle, the cobra and the tiger considered to the most powerful animals in the forest

Hotel Sao Mai
Address: 306 An Loi Village, Dong Hoa Hiep Community, Cai Be, Tien Giang, Viet Nam
Phone: +84(0) 733-823-866 or +84(0) 944-320-191
Standard: 1 Star
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