Named for the Sao tree that provides wood for MeKong Delta boat builders and the yellow blossomed Mai flower that brightens the Lunar New Year season, Hotel Sao Mai Cai Be is a simple but comfortable newly built family owned and reasonably priced 10 room 2 star hotel situated in the Dong Hoa Hiep community of Cai Be (Tien Giang).

Hotel Sao Mai is located only a few short steps from the edge of Cai Be River, one of the many small rivers that form the backbone of commercial and family life in Vietnamís Mekong Delta. Neighboring fruit orchards, a steady flow of bicycle and foot traffic and a dawn-to-dusk panoply of passing boats of all shapes, sizes and purposes brings the atmosphere of daily rural river life and the spirit of Delta people right to Hotel Sao Mai Cai Beís doorstep.

Our guests enjoy a natural unstructured interaction with real neighborhood life along, and on, the river and experience up close the array of unique river vessels that are the commercial work horses, shops, homes and childrenís playgrounds of the Mekong Delta and, more importantly, the people who work, live and play on the river.

Hotel Sao Mai
Address: 306 An Loi Village, Dong Hoa Hiep Community, Cai Be, Tien Giang, Viet Nam
Phone: +84(0) 733-823-866 or +84(0) 944-320-191
Standard: 1 Star
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